Physicochemical and microbiological properties of probiotic kashk containing Bacillus coagulans

Kashk is a traditional fermented product in Iran. In this study, Bacillus coagulans (BC) was added to kashk during hot filling. The acidity decreased in the BC kashk during the storage period. After 60 days of storage of BC and control kashk, the pH was 3.87 and 3.79, respectively. Bacillus coagulans survival was higher than the recommended minimum limit of 7 log CFU/g during 24-day storage. ΔE, a parameter describing the color change obtained by measuring changes in brightness, redness and yellowness during storage was lower BC kashk than in control kashk. Hardness and adhesiveness increased significantly during storage (p < ۰٫۰۵). The sensory parameters were not different between BC and control kashk. Therefore, BC could be added as a probiotic microorganism to kashk because it could survive hot filling mode and storage condition with no change in organoleptic attributes. In conclusion, BC kashk could result in new products with increased health benefits.

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